Tuesday, July 27, 2021



Elden Ring, Metal Gear Remake, And Final Fantasy 16: Our Hopes For 2021 –...

It's the final episode of Generation Next. And while most of GameSpot is looking back at the year that was in regards to the Best Games of 2020, the Generation Next crew are taking this week to look forward...

The Medium – Official "What Does A Medium Do?" Gameplay Trailer

Behind the thin veil that separates us from the spirit world, a Medium can find lost souls on their way to the afterlife. For Marianne, helping them cross over has almost become her life's purpose. Take a look...

What Makes Cyberpunk 2077’s Dialogue Unique

How would you describe the dialogue in Cyberpunk 2077? You might say that it sounds mostly natural... unless you noticed a particular quirk with the way nearly every character speaks. As it turns out, most characters in Cyberpunk 2077...

Apex Legends – Official “Good as Gold” Stories From The Outlands Cinematic Trailer

Some friends support your dreams, others have trouble letting go. Journey to Salvo and see if Fuse makes it to the Apex Games in one piece. Read More

RazerStore CES 2021 Livestream

Get a glimpse of all the innovative product unveils, exclusive content, a special guest appearance and more at the RazerStore CES 2021 Live event. Read More

American Horror Stories: "Rubber(wo)Man" BREAKDOWN Episode 1 & 2

Greg is back to break down the first two episodes of Ryan Murphy’s new anthology series: American Horror Stories! This video will take a closer look at the premiere episode: "Rubber(wo)Man", and also point out all the easter...

You Should Try Hitman With The Hud Off

The joy of Hitman comes from a mastery of its levels. Learning their layouts, planning the perfect hit, or adapting to a changing situation. But what do you do once you’ve mastered Hitman? You make it harder for yourself.In...

Fallout New Vegas: The Frontier – Official Mod Release Trailer

The largest ever mod for a Fallout franchise game is now available! Read More

Fall Guys: Season 3 with Starsmitten

(Presented by Verizon) Join Starsmitten and Persia as they bop their way through hilarity of Fall Guys as they try to score some crowns! Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Online PS5 Full Reveal

The president of Square Enix Yosuke Matsuda makes his way onto the stage during the Final Fantasy XIV Announcement stream to give one more big news drop. Final Fantasy XIV will be making its way to the PlayStation...
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