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We’re only a few weeks away from the release of Resident Evil Village, but we still can’t seem to stop talking about the internet’s most notoriously tall vampire woman: Lady Alcina Dimitrescu. We’re all still very thirsty to know as much as possible about her, and thanks to the recent RE Village showcase we have a little more information on the tall lady–just enough to hold us over.

In the above video, Kurt Indovina fulfills everyone’s stalkier desires, and uncovers everything we know so far about the Romanian vampire, Lady Dimitrescu. Kurt goes over her obvious height, being a vampire, and art director Tomonori Takano’s inspirations, which include Morticia Adams and Hungarian noblewoman/serial killer Elizabeth Báthory. Carrying over from Resident Evil 7, there’s a returning motif of antagonistic family. Dimitrescu mentions Mother Miranda, her daughters, and a brother named Heisenberg.

Resident Evil Village is very much a continuation of the previous installment, carrying over RE7’s first-person view and protagonist Ethan Winters, while taking direct inspiration from Resident Evil 4’s more gothic,and European influence. Still, there are many questions left unanswered, like whether or not Dimitrescu is actually the main antagonist, and why is Ethan’s child so important?

Hopefully our dreams will be made true on May 7.

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